The Company


Luxtrada is a high-end yet affordable American luxury brand of women’s shoes, handbags, leather works, eyewear, jewelry, accessories and much more. All of our products are made using supreme quality materials. The unique fashion designs are created in California with inspiration lying heavily on world-famous beaches such as Santa Monica, Venice, Laguna and Newport Beach. One example that sets Luxtrada apart from other fashion designers is the stunning Bikinility collection design that will always catch the eye. The signature Bikini footwear is like none other in its class, with undeniable beauty. It can be customized with elegant pearls and gold chains along with crystal gems. Swarovski® has a similar vision to bring beauty and charm to women world-wide. We work together as co-branding and now you can enjoy genuine sparkling crystals and pearls from Swarovski on many of the Luxtrada products. With US patents and international patents also covering many different areas of fashion, Luxtrada works very hard to ensure all of our products are sophisticated and elegant, offering fashionable luxury at affordable prices.


The Brand


The inspiration for The Luxtrada Company first struck rising shoe designer Mr. Penn Cai in the summer of 2014 during a visit to Ginza, a luxurious upscale shopping district in Japan, which is home to numerous internationally renowned stores, boutiques and fashion brands. Appreciating the beauty and opulence around him, Penny also found himself particularly drawn to a group of young fashion-lovers, whose desire for luxury and quality design did not match what they could afford. Knowing this was a common conflict for many women worldwide, Penny felt compelled to design a line that would bridge luxury with affordability.


spicy sweetmole.jpg

Once home in Los Angeles, he began working on his own affordable luxury line. 

Penny quickly found his muse while spending an afternoon at Santa Monica Beach as he sat immersed in the culture, beauty, spirit and individuality that surrounded him. Intrigued by the many women who coordinated their bikinis with matching jewelry and accessories to complete their look, Penny had an inspired idea to create a luxurious customizable sandal like no other.

Influenced by world-famous Southern California beaches, the unique designs in Luxtrada’s signature BIKINIBILITY collection incorporate a simulated bikini top and bottom in a most creative, comfortable and elegant way. Made from the finest quality materials, the Bikini Sandals may also be enhanced with interchangeable precious pearls and classic gold chains along with original Swarovski® crystal gems to further perfect a personalized look.

Poised to become a leader in offering fashionable luxury at affordable prices, Luxtrada plans to expand its brand with women’s handbags, leather works, accessories and much more. 

The compassion Penny felt for the young women in Japan has translated into the fabric of the company as well by establishing its charitable arm, the Luxtrada Beauty Foundation, which supports worthy non-profits such as Ava’s Heart Foundation. Ava's Heart is the only 501c3 in the United States that provides extensive support for transplant patients and their families both pre- and post-lifesaving organ transplants.